London Organic Fashion and Beauty Boutique

Discover the latest summer collections from upcoming, established & ethical UK/ International fashion labels at the London Organic Fashion & Beauty boutique at 7 Thayer Street in Marylebone Village.

Our boutique features some of our favourite brands, such as Contessina,  Gunda Hafner, Kausheya and many more! Most of the collections will be EXCLUSIVE to our store and UNAVAILABLE in any other boutique.

London Organic PR (previously known as London Ethnic) has been passionately working with London brands for seven years, helping with ethical manufacture, Marketing and presenting their work in showcases at the Houses of Parliament amongst other places.

We strive to  champion LOCALLY PRODUCED brands and ETHICAL production at our boutique, which include belts made from recycled materials and silk made without boiling the silk worms.

We are rotating the designers we showcase so feel free to come back often and see all the talent we are exhibiting for yourselves!

More from us…

Check out the following links to our blog posts where we have posted EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with all the designers we are showcasing within our store:

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There will be several events held at the venue including:

16th June Photographers & Models Day

17th June Marylebone Village Street Fair

20th June Equaliteas – celebrating equality in the UK with UK Parliament

27th June Exclusive VIP Shopping Evening

And more to be announced!









This pop-up boutique has now ended. 



Venue: 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, W1U 3JH

(Closest underground station > Bond Street Station or Baker St Station)