Introducing Laura Zabo

ZABO is a sustainable fashion accessory brand that creates handmade, cruelty-free and eco-friendly goods – from reclaimed bicycles, car tyres and inner tubes. These upcycled products provide high-quality accessories to the eco-conscious market whilst providing a positive impact on the planet.

We had the privilege speaking with Laura Zabo  herself on our Press and Bloggers Day event where she shared some more information about her brand and the collection she is showcasing within our summer boutique.

Interview as follows…

1.)Good Afternoon Laura. Thank you so much for attending our event today and for allowing me to ask you some questions. Can I start off by asking you to tell me the story behind your brand?

Yes, of course! Firstly, my brand is eco- conscious.  I got the inspiration from my life-changing trip in Tanzania where I saw people making sandals out of rubber tyres in a Maasai market. I found out that Africans recycle everything as they don’t have enough money to keep buying materials. I thought this concept of recycling was amazing and so I decided to make a collection of belts, sandals etc made from recycled materials. With this being said, I really want to spread seeds and make an impact with regards to the idea of eco-conscious fashion and recycling material!  

2.)  That’s an incredible story! How does it feel to have your collection of recycled belts being apart of our summer boutique? Also, how do you feel about being involved with our boutique with many other ethical designers?

Its inspirational! There is so much creativity in fashion and it is so interesting to be apart of something where you can see all that creativity in one space! It also helps to make a bigger impact with regards to ethical fashion. 

3.) Lastly, considering we are at our Press and Bloggers Day event, can you tell me about your thoughts on the whole interactive element behind today- with regards to bloggers and models coming in and trying/ posting about your collection on social media sites? 

Yes, it makes me so happy to see someone wearing my designs and also when they get surprised after they find out everything is recycled!  

If the concept of recycled/ sustainable fashion excites you then be sure to check out Laura’s incredible collection at London Organic Fashion and Beauty Boutique on 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3JH!

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