Introducing Kausheya


Kausheya is an ethical brand of handmade silk accessories with its roots placed firmly within the authentic and timeless traditions of silk weaving. With a dedicated eye for detail, a conscientious mind for the environment, a fervent feel for fabric, and a deep desire to supporting the talented craftsmen involved, Kausheya honours one of the purest and most beautiful art forms that has ever existed.

We were very fortunate to have a talk with the founders of Kausheya- Kavita Rao and Sarang Rao on our Press and Bloggers Day event.

Interview as follows…

1.) Hello! Thank you so much for coming to our event this afternoon and also for talking to me about the collection you are showcasing within our summer boutique. First off, can you describe to me the story behind your brand?

Yes, well the word Kausheya is actually the Sanskrit word for silk derived from the cocoon.  Me and my wife have a deep interest in sustainability and ethical wear. We get our silks from South East Asia. They are called wild silks, so they are not known outside of South East Asia. We use a different species of moth to produce the silk, so the entire process takes about 2-3 months.

2.) That’s great! So, how is the process behind creating your scarfs sustainable?

We know where they are produced- in the wild in Asia. The silks grow in the forest on these wild trees. This is sustainable as the trees are not chopped down in the process. We also know exactly who is involved in making our scarfs. They are all hand woven by skilled craftsmen in India. We really want to preserve the heritage for  people in India and give them stable livelihoods rather than relying on machines and factories in China for example. All our scarfs are also block printed by hand and the colour we use for them is organic e.g coming from an indigo plant. Retaining the natural colour allows the fabric to last long and weather beautifully, only becoming more resplendent with time. 

We believe in being respectful to Nature and not taking her for granted. We promote the use of ‘Ahimsa’ silk, which is borne from a non-violent process, ensuring that the silkworms are left unharmed.

3.) Lastly, what is the goal you would like to achieve for your brand in general and also within our boutique? 



We really want to bring our brand out of anonymity in order for more people to buy our products.  We want people to recognise these contemporary products which have been created using timeless methods, and we hope to  bring this ancient and glorious art form to the 21st century!




We are London Organic PR have fallen in love with Kausheya’s incredible story and genuine passion for what they do! If you want to see the final product behind Kausheya then be sure to stop by London Organic Fashion and Beauty Boutique on 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3JH and see all their stunning designs for yourself!!!

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