Introducing Kara Khuma


London Organic PR are proud to introduce Naomi Olivia– a self-taught jewellery designer and founder of the brand Kara Khuma. Naomi believes that jewellery is so much more than body decoration; it is a reflection of the wearer’s inner desires and beliefs. She gained inspiration for her jewellery collection after delving into the world of mythology, magic and mystery. It is this incredible mythical collection which Naomi is showcasing within our summer boutique!

We got the chance to interview Naomi about her jewellery on our Press and Bloggers Day event, where she discussed its origins and formation.

Interview as follows…

1.) Hi Naomi, thank you for speaking with me today regarding your collection within our summer boutique! Can I start off this interview by asking you the story behind your brand?

Yes of course! I have always been interested in jewellery and jewellery making. I started off by making jewellery whilst at uni but I fully committed to it after  finishing university.

For this collection I gained inspiration from Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Gold, gemstones and amulets were actually used as materials to infuse peace and prosperity into the lives of Egyptians and emulate the deities they idolised. Also, within Egyptian times people use to worship goddesses and I thought being a woman is similar to being an Egyptian goddess- we are feminine and strong like goddesses!  Being a goddess was actually at the core of their (the Egyptians’) purpose. It was regarded as the highest form of Feminine Energy. l create my jewellery within my London studio, with the hope to inspire the modern woman to connect to her own femininity through these ancient, mythological roots. 


2.)That sounds so amazing! And considering we are at our Press and Bloggers Day event, can I just ask you how the realm of social media influences you and your brand?

Social media for me is very important. I see it as a form of story telling. You can also gain a lot of inspiration from social media as well. I am currently trying to get global with my brand and so social media is the way for me to enable that! Its all about having a connection! 

3.)Definitely! So how ethical is your jewellery?

Well I use gold field metal within my designs. This is sustainable as it lasts for a long time! I buy this metal from Spain. My jewellery is not what you see in most shops- it is not a product of ‘fast fashion’. 


We at London Organic love the delicacy and thoughtful conception behind Naomi’s collection! If you want to embrace your inner goddess then be sure to come by and check out Naomi’s mythical designs here at London Organic Fashion and Beauty Boutique, 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3JH!




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