Introducing Kanzaku

London Organic PR would like to welcome Patrica Mahuta – another talented designer we have just recently started to showcase within our summer boutique!

Patrica came by to our second Press and Bloggers Day event, where she was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding her brand Kanzahu.


Interview as follows…

1.) Hi Patrica, thank you so much for coming by today! Can I start off this interview by asking you to tell me the story behind your brand/ collection?

Yes, well I like anything about design and sewing. I have previously made clothing for children. I have always loved denim! I had a lot of denim around  me and I didn’t know what to do with it, so I decided to make bags out of the denim! I am from Africa- Kongo to be specific and I wanted to integrate my African roots onto my designs and make them modern to fit society today. With the name Kanzahu, it actually translates to ‘loose top’ which is a traditional form of clothing in the African culture. I actually have a bag with a drawing of a  ‘Kanzahu’ printed on it! Once again I wanted to combine African and Modern print onto my designs. I also wanted to make them universal, and so they are original in the fact that anyone can use them: men and women and they can be used for anything like weekend trips for instance. There is no cultural identity attached to the bags in terms of who they are for and how to use them!


2.)  Amazing! So how ethical are your denim bags?

So before I started my collection , I did a lot of research and found out that denim bags were only produced in unethical ways, for example they are made from leather, zips etc… I wanted to create something original. I sew them myself and dye the fabric, pull the fabric to get a manipulated effect, paint them etc… They are ethical in this case as I know how they are made as I do it myself, and they are not manufactured in a factory somewhere. 


3.) So considering we are at our second Press and Bloggers Day event- a time for influencers to come by and promote everything we have in store on blogs and other forms of social media, can I just ask what social media means to you and your brand?

Yes, its very important. Its good to gain critics in order to improve and to make more designs! Its also great as people will get to know me and my brand. Plus, social media is where people will know they can find me and my products here- within your summer boutique! 



4.) Perfect! So to finish off can I ask you how it feels to be apart of our summer boutique with all the other ethical designers we have in store?

I like to be with other designers! I can get lots of inspiration from them… in fashion you can’t walk alone!!! 

For me if I am happy with what I am doing, if I am getting somewhere then that is the most important thing!




We at London Organic love Patrica’s story and how she has manged to ethically combine her African heritage to her designs! If you are just as intrigued by Kanzahu as we are,  then be sure to come by London Organic Fashion and Beauty Boutique on 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3JH!




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