Introducing Julie Nicaisse

Jewellery designer and maker based in London, Julie Nicaisse discovered her passion for jewellery-making in 2006 after enrolling at Lambeth College in London for a two-year NCFE jewellery course. Although she attended various jewellery courses, she is mainly self – taught gaining her skills, through books, experiment and practice.

Julie gained further experience working for a busy renowned Jewellery manufacturing workshop in London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden.  After this, Julie was employed by a fast growing international jewellery manufacture company and eventually became the head jeweller.

Ever since she finished college, she has been designing and making her own jewellery, running her own jewellery business in her spare time.

We were fortunate enough to find out more about Julie and the collection she is showcasing within our summer boutique on our Press and Bloggers Day event.

Interview as follows…

1.) Hi Julie. Its great to have you here today! Would you mind starting off by taking me through the story behind your collection?

Yes! Well, with the collection I have at your boutique, I had the idea of it in my mind to begin with. I found a piece of jewellery ten years ago and saw it again one day and decided to make a collection inspired by it. The collection is basically revolved around that same piece of jewellery (a stud pattern). I felt like I found that broken piece at the exact time! It was as if it had fallen from the sky! To me, a found object can have more value and beauty than an expensive gemstone.

The collection I am showcasing within your boutique is called the “Celestial Fall” collection. It is inspired by the mystery of natural phenomenon that bond Earth and Sky.

2.) That amazing! So, how does it feel to be apart of our summer boutique with other similar ethical designers? 

Its great to be apart of this with other designers. Its good to see people you know. It s a good jewellery designer community! 

3.) And how is your brand ethical/ sustainable?

My entire brand is very ethical.  I use traditional techniques to craft my jewellery. I also use recycled silver and fair trade gold within my designs. My packaging is also recycled as well. I have always had an interest in sustainability and I feel like its become trendy to be sustainable and to recycle nowadays.


Come and see Julie’s innovative collection for yourself here at London Organic Fashion and Beauty Boutique, 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3JH!

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