Introducing Illicia

The second designer who we would like to introduce is Ilham, who launched Illicia in 2017. The brand embraces traditional Italian craftsmanship and techniques in order to produce timeless handbags. The collection is based around a range of handbags with interchangeable handles, where the unique craftsmanship and keen attention to detail means that no two bags are the same but just as intricately designed as the other!

We are privileged to have Ilham’s collection at our new summer boutique in Marylebone, and as a consequence decided to have a one- on-one interview with her at our ‘Press and Bloggers Day’ event to discuss her brand.

Interview as follows…

1.) Hi Ilham. Firstly thank you for being here today to talk about your collection. Can you tell me a little bit about the story behind your brand?

Yes, so my collection of handbags are all about giving women a choice on how they would like to wear their bags, which is why you can actually buy  interchangeable handles as well as the actual bag with an existing handle on it already. We also pride ourselves on the quality of our handbags as our fine leathers are sourced from high end tanneries in Italy and are made in Italy, for example in Florence and Tuscania.

2.) How does it feel to be in the midst of other similar ethical fashion designers and brands?

Its really great as we are very sustainable as a brand. All our designers are located within Europe and so our bags are not mass produced in an unsustainable way, like in China for example. In this case, we know who makes our bags. There is a personal connection and so we know their stories which makes us highly sustainable. Also this summer boutique is perfect for us as it creates brand awareness considering we are a new/ up- and- coming brand. It is also good to know other designers and gain new experiences. There isn’t much opportunity to have lots of brands together so its great to be apart of this!

3.) How important is the social sphere like blogging, Instagram, Twitter etc to you and your business?

Its hugely important, especially for a new brand like us. Its good if you don’t have a really big marketing budget to make big campaigns, so with social media being free to use is great for us.

4.) Lastly, how do you feel about today’s event where bloggers and models can come in and try on your handbags?

Its good to go straight to the consumer in this case. Its good to tell people the story behind the bags, the behind the scenes aspect to it almost, so people can go on a journey with them and with our brand altogether. The consumers are then able to invest in us, which they can’t really do with the bigger brands as their products have been mass produced, meaning that they have no story to tell. Also, I find that the people who are willing to come in to the shop and try things on are trendsetters and are different, in other words they don’t normally go to the High Street to shop, so it is good to be associated with such people!


Be sure to visit our summer boutique- London Organic Fashion and Beauty Boutique at 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3JH and see Ilham’s one of a kind handbags with her interchangeable handles for yourself!

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