Introducing Gunda Hafner

London Organic are proud to introduce Gunda Hafner– another talented designer whose collection we are showcasing within our summer boutique.

First off, Gunda Hafner ltd is an eco conscious, high quality, handmade, ready to wear women’s clothing line which is produced in the UK. Gunda started off her journey by going to college- Herbst Strasse, for fashion and design in Vienna to study fashion design, pattern cutting and sewing and tailoring. She also spent time at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Fashion, attending courses for personal and fashion styling as well as courses in colour consultation.

Gunda stopped by at our ‘Press and Bloggers Day’ event where we were able to ask her some questions regarding her collection.

Interview as follows…

1.) Hi Gunda. Its a pleasure to have you here today. Thank you for coming by. Can I start off by asking you about the story behind your collection?

Yes, well I developed some allergies years ago which made me decide to change my diet and lifestyle. So I started this eco-friendly fashion brand as I personally couldn’t wear a lot of the standard synthetically made clothing that is widely available in shops. I also realised that quite a lot of people have the same condition as me where they also have severe allergies. This is why I decided to make this brand, to cater for people like me and so in our clothes we use natural materials carefully sourced, focusing on materials such as cotton, wool, silk bamboo, linen and cashmere depending on the season.

2.) How do you feel about being a part of our summer boutique as well as being in the midst with other designers?

Its exciting! Its good to know different designers and see how they work. Plus, its great to talk with everyone and get some feedback on your work.

3.)So we are here at our ‘Press and bloggers Day’ event, would you mind telling me about what social media means to you and your brand?

Yes, its great for feedback! We are not doing this for ourselves but for others so its great to see what people think about what we have created.

4.) Lastly, what do you think about the whole interactive element of bloggers/ models coming in today and trying on parts of your collection?

Its really interesting for me to see how other people will style my clothes. I think it plays an important part for me as it helps to see what people like and don’t like, which I can then cooperate into my next collection.


As a ethical organisation, we are highly fortunate to have Gunda Hafner’s collection at our summer boutique. So, if you also share a passion for sustainable, eco- friendly fashion then please feel free to visit our boutique and see all the talent we are showcasing here at 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3JH!


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