Introducing Contessina

In 1958, Clara Michalopoulou opened the first Contessina store in Greece. The emporium imported exclusively in Greece the clothes and accessories of famous foreign fashion houses, such as Emilio Pucci, Moschino, Thierry Mugler, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, Givenchy, Guy Laroche, Ginocchetti, and others.

As the Contessina stores grew in popularity, Clara’s daughter Elka, her grand daughters Agi and Clara and her sister Nasoula joined the business.

In the early 1980s, having the experience and know-how acquired during their collaboration with Dior and wishing to serve the needs of the Greek market better, they began creating their collections which include Womens clothing and accessories, knitwear as well as home accessories.

We had the pleasure to talk with Clara Poulantza, who is the founder of Contessina Inclusive and the designer of the collections.

Interview as follows….

1.) Hi Clara. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today about your brand. Firstly would you mind telling me the story behind your collection you are showcasing within our summer boutique?

Yes of course. My brand is within its third generation. We are a Greek brand. So my Grandma started it back in Greece. Right now we have a sister brand which is in London. I have brought with me My Precious Lace Collection for you to sell in your shop. I have always loved lace, its really feminine and delicate. I couldn’t find any lace jewellery in any shop so I decided to make this collection because of that.  Its all made by hand, and the silk used is from Greece. As this is a Greek brand, I wanted to combine it with London to help promote it as it is difficult to promote in Greece.

2.) How do you feel about being apart of our summer boutique with other emerging ethical designers?

Yes, its really nice to be apart of a group effort!

3.) Lastly, keeping in mind that this is a social event where press and bloggers are coming in to view/ post about your collection online, can I just ask what social media means to you and your brand? 

Its really important. As I said before, it is hard to promote my brand in Greece so I have two Instagrams: one for Greece and one for London in the hope of creating more awareness for my brand. 


Want to see the Contessina collection for yourself? If thats a yes then feel free to come by to our boutique on 7 Thayer Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3JH!


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