Frequently Asked Questions –  Pop Up Boutique

Does the monthly cost include VAT?
Yes, it is included.
• Can we be featured in the window space of the Boutique? Is there a cost and can we book this in? 
Yes, you can, subject to availability. Contact us on designers@londonorganicpr.com to find out the cost.
• Can we specify the rail we occupy on the floor plan?  
Yes, you can, subject to availability. The location of display can be discussed to meet your requirements.
• Is there a specific number of styles we can feature? Can we change these through the month of December? 
As long as it is approved, you can change styles through the month, you must have to specify to us the styles you have changed for sales control purposes.
• Do I need to come to the store to sell my designs?
No, we will provide a dedicated sales assistant who will be on the shop floor at all times. There will also be members of the London Organic PR team present.
• Can I come to the events even though they are on a different week from when my clothes will be displayed?
Yes, of course!
• Are we allocated a space in the stockroom?
The stockroom will be available with an additional cost.
• Would the Sales Assistant replenish stock that is sold?
• What types of payment do you accept?
Any major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash or Bank Transfer.
• Can you please let me know the other designers who are doing it? 
We are in the early stages of finalising our store offering but to give you a flavour; we are selecting from a pool of brands that fulfill one of the following criteria:
– Authentically representative of London fashion;
– Ethically sound brands;
– Brands that produce in the UK;
– Brands with a compelling story or narrative;
-Mass-produced low quality garments from China will not be considered; UK hand-made ethical brands are in.
• How will you attract more people to the store? What promotions will you be doing?
-Social media posts to 9000 members of the London Fashion MeetUp group, 20,000 Twitter followers, 19,500 Instagram followers & 120,000 Facebook followers;
-Launch Party;
-Fashion Revolution Day Party;
-Press & Bloggers Day;
-Fashion Photographers Day;
-We will arrange private viewings for shoppers as well as press & bloggers;
-We will be expecting some coverage on mainstream media (radio, TV, press etc..).
Events & designers we have promoted in the previous 12 months have been featured on Sky News, Capital Radio, iHeart radio, Daily Mail, the Sun, Ethical Fashion Forum, Vogue Italia, FashionOne TV, and more.
• Can we display our business cards/ leaflets about our brand? 
• When will we be paid for our sales?
All the sales will be paid within 7 working days of the close of the boutique – to allow for any possible returns or refunds.
• Will there be brand training provided to the team so they can sell our brand effectively? 
Yes, we will provide training to the sales assistant. The more information the better.
Also, yes you can provide some training as well if you wish.
• Do you have insurance for the store?
Yes, we will have insurance for the store.
• Will there be music in the store?
Yes, we will set up a licence to be able to play music inside the store.
Where will the sales assistants be sourced from? 
We will personally interview sales assistant based on the boutique criteria. There will be one dedicated sales assistant and two team members from London Organic PR at the boutique at all times.
Can we provide our own Branded shopping bags?
No, we will provide the boutique with London Organic PR bags.
Can we distribute our Lookbook in the bags with each sale?
Yes, you can distribute your own Lookbook.