Designer Services – Sales

London Organic PR can help your brand or label increase sales. As long as you produce your garments ethically in the UK, we would be willing to consider selecting your brand for help in direct sales.

Our online platform designer marketplace is an excellent opportunity to sell and promote your work directly to consumers benefiting from London Organic PR’s wider advertising and social media driving traffic to the site.
The designer is in control of their own individual online store with the ability to add, edit and remove products.
Other ways we can help with sales direct to customers are:
  • Pop-Up boutiques
  • Stands at fashion events we organise
  • Share of a rail in boutiques 
If you are more established and are able to satisfy larger orders from boutiques and retail chains we have a dedicated trade website. You must have fabric sourcing, manufacturers etc. in place in order to be able to satisfy large orders. It is an essential part of our selection process to check the manufacturing and to ensure the garments are produced ethically in the UK. The specialised password protected website set up for trade orders has over 400 retailers registered with individual log-ins to the site.
We can arrange for stands at fashion trade shows at preferential rates in London, across Europe and the USA.
We can also help you by selling your clothes to buyers on your behalf.
If you want help promoting your brand contact us now to arrange for your free consultation and personal proposal, by filling the form out below