British Parliament Week 2015

British Parliament Week 2015

20th November 2015

London Organic, (previously known as London Ethnic), hosted a fashion and politics debate on ‘How UK democracy has inspired and shaped British fashion’; This was held in the Jubilee Room of Westminster Palace.

The event was hosted by Keith Maynard and held talks from MPs, Lords and Baronesses including Baroness Valentine and Lord Taylor. Guest speakers also included Tamsin Lejeune from Ethical Fashion Forum, Kate Hill, founder of Made in Britain, Melissa Wheeler from FAB and Tisu Ghosh from Labour behind the Labour.

The event was an official part of Parliament Week, the aim of which is to engage a wide variety of people in politics. Invitees included the Fashion Association of Britain, Make it British, Grazia Magazine, Selfridges, Libertys, House of Fraser as well as fashion students, press, bloggers and photographers.

The speakers talked about ways in which fashion and politics are linked such as the effects of Rana Plaza, supporting workers rights and making sure consumers are buying ethically – as not to encourage exploitation.

Part of what London Organic does is support young designers and encourage ethicality within the fashion industry by making sure the material and workforce is UK-based.

“Fashion to me is what London Organic do. They recognise that the UK consumer is becoming more savvy and how parts of the world are poorer than others but having designers based in London it makes it easier to supervise and support the workers” – Lord Taylor, member of the House of Lords.

A recurring point, which stood out from each debate, was the need for ethical fashion to be made more urgent; through means such as raising awareness within schools and universities.

“It’s important that it’s incorporated in the curriculum” –  Kate Hills, founder of Made in Britain.

The event was also a chance for London  Organic to showcase A/W 16 collection. The collection named Urban Nature was inspired by London architecture.

The event was sponsored by Propercorn, VitaCoco and Wine pantry.