2016 London Organic for Fashion Revolution Week

London Organic for Fashion Revolution Week 2016

On Friday, 22 of April 2016 London Organic, under our previous name London Ethnic,  joined Fashion Revolution Week 2016 at the ‘No Excuses Workshop held aboard La Sorelle boat in Canary Wharf.

The fashion workshop and party were organised in collaboration with RentezVous & Wardrobe Workshop.

Fashion Revolution Day was created as a heartfelt response after the tragic factory collapse in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh, where more than a thousand factory workers lost their lives. London Organic has joined the movement since its beginning by holding events that commemorate this tragic day and speaking about it ever since.

The event hosted talks from fashion activists, ethical fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs who shared their views on the current situation of the fashion industry and how we can all approach fashion in a more ethical way.

The event gathered press, photographers, fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts in a night of fun, drinks and fashion mingling.

The London Organic stall showcased our latest AW16 collection samples with leaflets #whomademyclothes attached around it.

Our collection manager and AW16 capsule designer Hannah Lloyd Jones was there to inform the attendees on the whole process behind the new collection, from the ideas and inspiration behind it to the pattern cutting and manufacturing process, but more importantly: “Who made our London Organic AW16 collection”.

We are proud to confirm that no sweat shops are being used or will ever be used to produce garments under the London Organic label. Since the beginning, our designer collections have been produced in the United Kingdom.